Physical Therapy

Physical therapy helps patients who have lost function, strength and range of motion as a result of illness, injury, developmental disability or genetic disorder. The goal of physical therapy is to make daily tasks and activities easier.

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Occupational Therapy

We offer both orthopedic and neurological occupational therapy to help patients get back their functional independence while maintaining physical, cognitive, and emotional health while improving strength and reducing pain in upper extremities.

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Speech Therapy

We offer speech therapy to help patients gain greater control over speaking and language skills. Giving you the ability to understand words spoken to you (receptive language) and using words to express yourself (expressive language).

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Our pediatric therapists provide physical, occupational & speech therapy for children to improve their daily lives while increasing attention & concentration skills. Our sensory room is used to calm or stimulate each of the senses.

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We believe that every individual is unique with different needs, which is why we design an individualized treatment plan just for you. Our goal is to get you back to your life as soon as possible.


Our goal is to provide the Great Lakes Bay Region with state-of-the-art technology and a highly trained staff that specializes in physical, occupational, and speech therapy for adults and children.


Together, Sunil and Manjusha Malewar has over 50 years of experience in physical therapy. Realizing that services were needed in our area, they opened clinics in Bay City, Saginaw & Standish.

Aquatic Therapy 2

Aquatic Therapy 

Aqua therapy includes an underwater treadmill and underwater video monitoring capabilities so that the therapist and patient can view and correct their form.

Patients are 80-90% weightless which enables freedom of movement. Resistance and the water’s buoyancy allow a person to strengthen muscle groups with decreased joint stress.

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Megan was really great – she put me through my paces and explained everything along the way, watching and correcting me a lot. I would come here again if needed and will tell others how good it is here.

Barbara Bureau

After my shoulder surgery I thought my quality of life was going to be depleted but Megan made me work hard and we enjoyed our time together. I couldn’t wait to get here to enjoy my therapy, work hard, share stories and improve my strength.”

Kelly Doyen