Patient of the Month- Nancy Durocher

Patient of the Month

Our August patient of the month is Nancy Durocher! Nancy was nominated by her therapist, Kelly Erdody. Patient of the Month is a patient who is committed to attending their therapy sessions and committed to completing their home exercise program.

Nancy came to Paramount due to her low back pain that was radiating down her leg. Nancy reports that she is 97% improved with therapy. She is now able to walk for an hour at a time. She is able to reach into her low cupboards to retrieve pots and pans. She is able to ascend and descend stairs. She reports less pain and increased strength with completing her household cleaning. Most important, Nancy is now able to live her life with significantly reduced pain!

As patient of the month, Nancy was awarded five, 30 minute sessions on our anti-gravity treadmill. Congratulations Nancy!