Samantha Kendall

Samantha Kendall


Sam joined Paramount in 2019. Prior to working at Paramount, she worked in ABA for 2.5 years in various clinical settings. She currently attends Michigan State University for a graduate certification in ABA. Sam has always enjoyed spending time with children and discovered ABA during her masters program from one of her professors. In her free time, Sam likes to coach basketball, trail ride in her Jeep with her friends and hang out with her dog.

Go where you’re appreciated, not where you’re tolerated


“Very comfortable place to receive therapy. I would definitely recommend.”


“Everybody is very nice and friendly. Enjoy coming here for my therapy. Will recommend everybody to come here.”

Martha Sloan

“I enjoyed my visits here. Communication between therapist and I were excellent. I would recommend this place to family and friends.”

Deborah Tippett

“Everyone was excellent. Felt comfortable.”

Cheryl Schuman