Mina Robinson

Mina Robinson

Home Care Physical Therapist Assistant

Mina earned an Associates Degree in Applied Science in 1983. She was drawn to this field because she has a strong compassion for people and wants to help them achieve their goals. She has fulfilled that goal while working in hospitals, outpatient settings, nursing homes and for home care agencies. She joined Paramount in 2005. Here, she appreciates the flexible hours, loves her co-workers and is grateful for nice managers and bosses. She lives in the area with her 2 daughters and husband. The family enjoys bowling, biking, and skiing on both water and snow.

I'm a really good bowler.


“Kelly is the best. Her knowledge along with Ashley to fix my neck is the top. Kelly was a good push to get me working to reach my goals.”

Kevin Claerhout

“Kelly was attentive and helpful. Had her in the past and would be delighted to have her again.”

Bonita Marsh

“My main therapist, Kelly, was so knowledgeable and was instrumental in my recovery. Thank you Paramount staff!”

Jane Whittbrodt

“Excellent therapist Kelly; best PT I’ve had anywhere. Kelly was outstanding in working with me.

Diana Nelson