Karen Pomeroy

Karen Pomeroy

Human Resources Director

Karen joined the Paramount team in 2022. She has her Bachelor’s Degree in Communication and Master’s of Science focused on organizational leadership & supervision. Karen has been in the HR field since 2012 after recieving her Master’s Degree. She has also worked in the entertainment field, banking industry in Alaska, and home health care, along with teaching at Purdue University. Karen is married and has a young child. She enjoys traveling with her family, along with attending the theater. Karen enjoys being in Human Resources because she deeply believes that if we can be honest, have meaningful conversations, and listen when sharing ideas, we will all flourish while respecting each other.


“Everyone was wonderful. Thank you.”

Leila Salo

“Office staff was friendly and helpful.”

Connie Townsend

“A great team of therapists and office personnel.”

Mary Ellen Bluhm

“I am very pleased with all of the staff, the facility and the experience.”