Noelle Conley

Noelle Conley joined Paramount in 2022. She was a SNF for 2 years, worked in home health, and a school district for 1 year. Noelle loves that she gets to work with patients of all ages and to see them learn tasks to increase overall happiness in the community and with their family. That is why she joined Paramount! She also loves sports and outdoor activities.

Allie McGregor

Allie joined the team in 2021. She has completed fieldwork rotations at a skilled nursing facility, outpatient neuro and a school setting. She has some ABA experience from her undergraduate. She participated in SVSU’s stroke camp, where she evaluated and treated community members of varying ages recovering from strokes. She loves using daily occupations to get people back to doing the things they love and need to do independently. She is married and has a fur baby chocolate lab. In her free time, Allie enjoys reading, watching movies and spending time with her family.

Abby Alghulbi

Abby joined the team in 2021. She has two years of experience working as a school OT. She loves seeing kids overcome an obstacle and be proud of themselves. In her free time, she enjoys anything outdoors, sports, crafts, gardening and exploring.

Cori Little

Cori joined Paramount in 2021. She has been employed at Mary Free Bed at Covenant for over a year. She completed her following fieldwork placements at the following practice settings: Long term acute, outpatient neuro, outpatient ortho (at Paramount Rehab) and outpatient pediatrics (Westlund Autism Clinic).She enjoys helping people to achieve their goals and be successful. I am a highly motivated person and enjoy cheering her patients on. In her free time she enjoys camping in the U.P., attending rock concerts and singing. She is a member of her church choir as well as the Saginaw Choral Society. She is engaged to her fiance Chris of 8+ years and they have a cat named Harvey.

Julie Ricard

Julie Ricard has her Bachelor in Science of Occupational Therapy. She graduated from Western Michigan University in 1984. Prior to joining Paramount in 2019, Julie worked in the Saginaw Intermediate school district for 32 years and home health care for 9 years. Julie likes helping kids achieve their greatest level of independence in daily tasks. She also loves helping little ones and their families in reaching their goals of learning new skills. Julie is married with three grown children in their 20’s. In her free time, she loves to go for walks, golfing, crafting, skiing, painting and sewing.

Megan Monroe

Megan joined Paramount in 2013 after completing rotations in a hospital and leading a stroke support group. One thing she values about Paramount is the focus on patients. Appointments are scheduled with enough time to give patients what they need and teach them how to help themselves. Megan also loves getting to know her patients on a personal level. She grew up in Bay City and still lives in the area with her husband and daughter. She specializes in shoulders and work conditioning patients. In her free time, Megan enjoys garage saleing, shopping, visiting Disney and spending time with her husband and daughter.

Lauren Matherne

Lauren works with patients of all ages, but feels a special calling to work with the very youngest children. Before joining Paramount in 2016, Lauren worked with children under 3 years old through schools in Bay, Arenac and Genesee counties. She loved that, but appreciates that Paramount also gives her the opportunity to work with older patients. As a college student, though, Lauren didn’t imagine herself working with human patients at all. Instead, she set out for a career in veterinary medicine. When it came time to apply for graduate school, she realized she loved animals, but didn’t love animal medicine. Instead, she found herself drawn to human medicine. Today, she loves finding creative ways to help and educate people. In her free time, Lauren enjoys trying her hand at interior design on a budget. She also watches Netflix and swims. Lauren was born and raised in the area and still lives here.

Sheri Karst

Sheri has spent most of her career at Paramount, joining the team in 2000. She loves the variety of patients she sees and is grateful for a good working atmosphere and friendly relationships among the staff. She is married with 3 children. Her family enjoys camping. Sheri also has an affinity for architecture. She started studying architecture in college, but switched to the OT program. Someday, she’d like to help people modify their homes to accommodate mobility issues.