Tip Tuesday – Techniques We Use

Tip Tuesday! Today we wanted to share 8 commonly used techniques in our office and what they are used for. Have any of you benefited from these techniques? If you think you may benefit from one or more of the following techniques contact our office to schedule an evaluation!

  1. Manual therapy-hands on techniques by the therapist to reduce movement restrictions and help you move better!
    2. Ice- used to reduce inflammation, especially for acute injuries.
    3. Heat-makes muscles, tendons, and ligaments more pliable before stretching begins. At Paramount we use moist heat packs, paraffin wax, and fluidotherapy to heat before stretching.
    4. Ultrasound- uses sound waves to heat the tissues and increase blood flow promoting healing.
    5. Low-level cold laser- increases blood flow and promotes healing using specific wavelengths of light.
    6. Traction- separates vertebrae to allow more space for nerves and less compression on disc cartilage resulting in decreased pain.
    7. Functional Electrical Stimulation- uses electricity to cause a muscle contraction to retrain your body on how to move properly.
    8. Exercise- used to strengthen muscles, increase mobility and address muscular imbalances. Exercise programs are tailored to your condition and your needs.

For more information see http://greatist.com/…/physical-therapy-best-methods-explain…