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Sunil Malewar

Sunil is the president and owner of Paramount Rehabilitation Services. He graduated from a university in India in 1981 and owned a private practice there. Before opening Paramou...

Manjusha Malewar

Manju serves as the Rehab Director for Paramount Rehabilitation Services. After graduating from India in 1990 as a Physical Therapist, Manjusha worked in an Outpatient Rehab Cen...

Ashley Slater

Ashley loves everything about working in health care. “I like the diverse patient load. I get to see kids here, but I also get to see adults, neuro patients, vestibular ... Re...

Sheri Karst

Sheri has spent most of her career at Paramount, joining the team in 2000. She loves the variety of patients she sees and is grateful for a good working atmosphere ... Read More

Lauren Matherne

Lauren works with patients of all ages, but feels a special calling to work with the very youngest children. Before joining Paramount in 2016, Lauren worked with children under ...

Megan Monroe

Megan joined Paramount in 2013 after completing rotations in a hospital and leading a stroke support group. One thing she values about Paramount is the focus on patients. Appoin...

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Matthew D. Fischer

Matt, one of the few male Speech Language Pathologists in the area, joined Paramount in December 2016. He enjoys the Paramount offers him a flexible schedule. Even more importan...

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Kathleen Kinnish

Kathleen joined Paramount in 2016 after a career that began in 1972. Kathleen discovered this field as a child when she helping her brother with his speech therapy. She eventual...

Darlene Matlock

Darlene has known since she was 7 years old and learning to sign the alphabet that she wanted to help people communicate. Today, she holds a Master of Arts with ... Read More

Heather Merritt

In addition to earning a Masters Degree in Speech Pathology, Heather has training in Vital Stim; LSVT LOUD Therapy; Deep Pharyngeal Neuromuscular Stimulation (DPNS); Picture Exc...

Brittney Stilson

Brittany Stilson

Brittany has a Masters Degree in Speech Pathology. Before joining Paramount full-time in 2016, she worked in the public schools, helping everyone from pre-schoolers to high scho...

Kelly Erdody

Kelly specializes in using hands-on manual therapy to relieve neck and back pain. She also specializes in women’s health. Her passion is helping people regain function so they...

Robert Wright

Robert joined Paramount in 2016 after working in acute care and at outpatient clinics. He finds the variety of clients and techniques at Paramount rewarding. He loves seeing his...

Luke Finkbeiner

Luke brings a broad background to his job. He was a massage therapist for 16 years before Paramount Owner Sunil Malewar encouraged him to go back to school and become ... Read More

Scott Garzell

Scott, who joined Paramount in 2015, is a fitness buff who loves that his job lets him help others return to an active lifestyle. In addition to his degree as ... Read More

Kassie Goss

Kassie worked as a Certified Nursing Assistant for six years before becoming a Licensed Physical Therapy Assistant and joining Paramount in 2016. What impresses her about Paramo...

Jennafer Groh

Jennafer worked at Paramount during school and felt fortunate when she hired in as an employee in 2016. “I really like the variety of patients we serve,” Jennafer said. “I...

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Mina Robinson

Mina earned an Associates Degree in Applied Science in 1983. She was drawn to this field because she has a strong compassion for people and wants to help them achieve ... Read More

Jenni Valley

Jenni is a fitness buff who is passionate about getting her patients back to the lives and activities they enjoyed before aging or injury brought them to Paramount. She joined ....

Kristen Jenkins

Kristen works as a PTA Technician and Receptionist for the Standish facility, loves that her job at Paramount allows her to see patients several times a week. She enjoys buildin...

Taylor Hausbeck

Taylor Hausbeck

Taylor works at Paramount while she attends college studying to be an Occupational Therapist. She joined Paramount in September 2015, after completing the PT/OT and Sports Medic...

Jill Lenhard

Jill, who earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business, joined Paramount in 2016 after working in the banking and healthcare industries. Her job at Paramount combines what she liked...

Bryan Monroe

Bryan earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science and especially enjoyed the classes that were related to rehabilitation. At Paramount, he greets patients, works with purch...

Amber Storey

Amber doesn’t have a lot of contact with patients, but she is your resource if you have a question about your insurance or a bill. She came to Paramount in ... Read More

Deanna Snable

Deanna, who has been with Paramount since 2013, sees her job as the most complicated puzzle in the world. She schedules patient appointments, matching the right therapist with t...

Brooke Yenglin

Brooke enjoys that her job allows her to spend time with both patients and staff every day. The best part of the job is seeing how people grow and change ... Read More

Photo of Megan Denton

Megan Denton

Megan joined Paramount in 2017 after graduating from Delta College. She has worked with orthopedic, neurology, and oncology patients in both hospital and outpatient settings. Sh...

Amanda Qwizdala

Amanda Gwizdala

Before joining Paramount in 2017, Amanda worked in a variety of settings, including acute care, inpatient rehabilitation, and outpatient clinics. She loves that Occupational The...

Amanda Wegener

Amanda Wegener

Prior to joining Paramount, Amanda was a restorative aide in outpatient and skilled nursing facilities for about two years. The people she met there fueled her goal of becoming ...

Lisa Obermiller

Lisa works behind the scenes at Paramount, but still strives to learn the names of our patients so she can make visits more personable. She joined our team in 2017 ... Read More

Ashley Bierlein

Ashley graduated from Ross Medical Education Center with an Office Administrator Certification. She worked in a physician office and then at a home care and hospice agency befor...

Amanda Mahler

Since graduating from the Communication Disorders program at Central Michigan University in 2014, Amanda has worked in pediatric outpatient rehabilitation clinics in Michigan an...