Paramount Rehabilitation Services remains open and available to serve you during the COVID 19 pandemic. Paramount Rehabilitation Services is classified as an essential healthcare facility. We are dedicated to keeping … Read More

Insurance Deductibles

Hey Its August 2020! Most insurance deductibles are met by May. Its a Great time to come to Physical, Occupational, and Speech therapy!

Tip Tuesday- Beckman Oral Motor Protocol!

We have 1 Occupational Therapist and 1 Speech Therapist who are trained in the Beckman Oral Protocol. The Beckman Oral Protocol uses assisted movement and stretch reflexes to quantify response … Read More

Tip Tuesday

Sam explains how to get up from a fall.  

Tip Tuesday

Jenni tells how to prevent falls.  

Tip Tuesday!

Todays tip for Tip Tuesday is how to sit to stand with proper form.

Fun Friday- Did you know April is OT month?!

Fun Friday! Did you know April is Occupational Therapy Month? Paramount Rehabilitation Services is proud to employ 8 occupational therapists. Paramount Rehabilitation Services offers orthopedic and neurological Occupational Therapy to … Read More

Vote for Paramount!

Tip Tuesday! Do you think Paramount is the best in the Great Lakes Bay in terms of rehab?! You can vote for Paramount Rehabilitation Services at…/ You have until … Read More