Tip Tuesday- Beckman Oral Motor Protocol!

We have 1 Occupational Therapist and 1 Speech Therapist who are trained in the Beckman Oral Protocol.

The Beckman Oral Protocol uses assisted movement and stretch reflexes to quantify response to pressure and movement, range, strength, variety and control of movement for the lips cheeks, jaw, tongue and soft palate. It is a useful protocol for children with teeth grinding, gagging, picky eaters, tooth brushing difficulty, drooling, and swallowing impairments. It can also be used to assist in transition skills from breast to bottle to utensils and from pureed food to textured food.

Children with poor oral motor skills can have delayed and reduced skill development in the areas of speech, sucking, swallowing and breathing.

If your child experiences difficulty in any of these areas please contact our office at (989)891-9800 in Bay City to set up an evaluation.