Tip Tuesday!

Tip Tuesday!

Paramount Rehabilitation Services is pleased to announce the development of a Driver Rehabilitation Program. We are currently offering clinical evaluations to assess the skills and abilities that are needed to drive safely on the road.

Why Driving Rehabilitation?
Driving contributes to health and quality of life by supporting independence, a sense of identity, social participation, and access to health services and the community. Between 2000 and 2050, the population of older adults aged 85 and older is projected to increase by 350%. As adults get older, they experience decline in mental processes including sensation, perception, memory, thought, reaction-time, and problem-solving; all of which affect driving abilities. The goal of driver rehabilitation is supporting participation in the community, optimizing independence in community mobility, and reducing crashes, injuries, and fatalities.

Program Focus
The Clinical Off-Road Driving Evaluation focuses on ensuring individuals are safe for driving on the road. We provide a comprehensive evaluation that assesses the client’s medical and driving history, vision, physical abilities, cognition, attention, and reaction time. The clinical evaluation is designed to provide information to help guide clients and physicians on how to address issues pertaining to driving, and determine referrals for mobility equipment installation, on-road driving evaluations, and other specialty evaluations. If an individual is no longer able to drive independently, education can be provided for alternative community mobility. Our occupational therapist can help in recommending the best path for your client and ensure safety for them and others.

Individuals who qualify for a clinical driving evaluation include:
• Individuals who are at least 18 years old
• Individuals with stroke or traumatic brain injury
• Elderly drivers
• Individuals who have experienced changes in their medical condition that may have an impact in their ability to drive

For more information please contact our newest OT: Ashley Bowker, OTRL at 989-891-9800.