Tip Tuesday!

Tip Tuesday! We have 10 fun OT based activities your children can participate in this summer!

1. 1. Play with water. -Sprinklers, squirt guns, water tables, and swimming are great for a variety of skills including bilateral coordination, sensory integration, vestibular system, proprioception, core strength, motor planning, and more.

2. Play with ice. -Paint, build, and play with ice cubes.

3. Play at the park. -Trampoline Park, splash pads, and outdoor parks are great!

4. Play gross motor games. -Build an outdoor obstacle course, play bean bag toss, and other outdoor yard games.

5. Try new fine motor games and activities.
Legos, Light Brite, Connect 4, Kerplunk, puzzles, Sneaky Snacky Squirrel, and Operation are all great games and activities.

6. Try new sensory play recipes.
Make homemade play-dough, Jello, Slime, or bubbles!

7. Try different summer recipes with your kids and involve them in the process.

8. Encourage independence with self-help skills.
Now is the perfect time to work on shoe-tying, buttoning, and dressing skills when you aren’t in a rush to get out the door.

9. Read books…or create your own!

10. Make projects for yourself or to share with others.
The dollar store is full of cheap arts and crafts projects to do with your children!

For more information see: http://mamaot.com/10-awesome-summer-activities-for-kids/