Tip Tuesday!



Today’s Tip comes from Lauren Matherne, OTRL. Lauren works with our pediatric population.

Brain Gym exercises are based on the theory that the brain functions with laterality, focus, and centering. Laterality are movements that involve crossing the middle of the body.

Above, you see Lauren participating in cross crawls where she is crossing midline with her right elbow to touch her left knee. Cross crawls are particularly effective for children with sensory processing disorders. Children with sensory processing disorders often demonstrate lack of hand dominance, difficulty using both hands together, and difficulty crossing midline when writing on a chalkboard. Brain Gym exercises allow the child to develop coordination between the right and left hemispheres of the brain to improve bilateral integration. These movements help improve focus, coordination, vision and memory.

If your child experiences difficulty with sensory processing contact our office to set up an occupational therapy evaluation.