Today we would like to share with you our patient of the month in the Bay City office.

We found it difficult to choose just one patient so we have a husband/wife duo sharing the patient of the month award.

Leslie and Wilma Anderson are the patients of the month!

Leslie underwent surgery to repair the right shoulder and Wilma underwent surgery to repair the left shoulder. Leslie wanted to be able to bowl again and Wilma wanted to be able to do her hair. We are happy to report that Leslie is now able to bowl an entire game and recently scored 165. He is also able to now cut his grass and rake his yard. Wilma is now able to hold her hair dryer and do her hair.

Leslie and Wilma have been very diligent at completing their home exercise programs and attending their scheduled therapy appointments. We have chosen them as the patients of the month for this reason. Now that they are discharged, they continue to be dedicated to their recovery by attending our step down program where they come into the facility to exercise on their own.

Congratulations Leslie and Wilma! We have enjoyed working with you and watching you progress.