Lauren Matherne

Lauren Matherne

Occupational Therapist (OTRL)

Lauren works with patients of all ages, but feels a special calling to work with the very youngest children. Before joining Paramount in 2016, Lauren worked with children under 3 years old through schools in Bay, Arenac and Genesee counties. She loved that, but appreciates that Paramount also gives her the opportunity to work with older patients. As a college student, though, Lauren didn’t imagine herself working with human patients at all. Instead, she set out for a career in veterinary medicine. When it came time to apply for graduate school, she realized she loved animals, but didn’t love animal medicine. Instead, she found herself drawn to human medicine. Today, she loves finding creative ways to help and educate people. In her free time, Lauren enjoys trying her hand at interior design on a budget. She also watches Netflix and swims. Lauren was born and raised in the area and still lives here.

When I was in the 8th grade, I won the Bone Championship. I could say 26 bones in the human body in 6 seconds. Even the speech therapist here says I talk fast.


“Everyone was very nice”

Barb Gudschinsky

“A great team of therapists and office personnel.”

Mary Ellen Bluhm

“I am very pleased with all of the staff, the facility and the experience.”


“Thank you. Keep up the good work.”

Carolyn Neveau