Integrated Listening System Now Available

Therapist and child using the Integrated Listening System

We are excited to announce that we have added the integrated listening system to our clinic.

The Integrated Listening System is comprised of a bone conduction headset that filtrates classical music of varying frequencies via air conduction while the child is participating in therapy. Research on the ILS demonstrates improved body organization, fine motor control, gross motor skills, balance, attention, coordination skills, sensory processing skills, emotional regulation, social skills and self-regulation.

The ILS system has also shown improved arousal levels, anxiety reduction and improved sleep.

The ILS system is beneficial for those with the following conditions: Developmental Delays, Autism, Down Syndrome, Premature Birth, Learning Delays, Brain Injury, Stroke, Parkinson’s, Sensory Impairments.

If you think the ILS may be beneficial to you or your family contact our office at (989) 891-9800 to set up an evaluation.