Bay City Patient of the Month- Jayden Spencer!

Patient of the Month

Our Bay City patient of the month was nominated by her Occupational Therapist, Lauren Matherne and her Speech Therapist, Darlene Matlock.

Jayden was chosen because of the progress she has been making in therapy and because of the dedication her mom has shown in bringing her to her therapy services over the last 3 years at Paramount Rehabilitation Services.

Jayden was born with a chromosomal abnormality with mild visual and hearing impairments and receives PT, OT, and Speech Services to address developmental delays.

Jayden has been showing improvements in her oral motor tolerance and has been tolerating the z-vibe, nuk, toothette, toothbrush, and various textures in her mouth. She has been tolerating bites of food, objects in her hands, and bringing hands to mouth. She has shown improvements in her sore strength and is requiring less support to maintain an upright seated position. She has shown more vocalizations and is making different mouth movements and sounds. She is also starting to imitate sticking her tongue back into her mouth. She is also tolerating the prone (stomach) position now. Congratulations to Jayden for all of her hard work and thank you to her mom for her dedication in helping Jayden to reach her goals!