Fun Friday-Saginaw Patient of the Month!

Patient of the Month- Saginaw

Our Saginaw patient of the month is Nancy Wittig. Nancy was nominated by her physical therapist, Peter Rechenberg. Peter nominated Nancy because of her improvements with voluntary motor control, improved quality and safety with walking, and increased confidence with functional mobility. Nancy reports having more energy after starting therapy and increased confidence when doing things.

Nancy was diagnosed with MS in 1992. Nancy says she has overcome living with MS by realizing it is not a death sentence and learning that it takes more time to do things.

She states that she chose Paramount because of the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmil. She says that when she in the AlterG she feels like she can walk normal. She recommends the AlterG to others as a confidence builder and a good way to get exercise. Nancy also says that her favorite part of therapy was the encouraging staff.

Congratulations Nancy on becoming patient of the month! Nancy has received 5, 30 minute sessions on the AlterG for patient of the month.