Happy Halloween- Tips for Enjoying Halloween with Sensory Challenges!

We would like to share some tips to help children with sensory processing disorders enjoy Halloween!

1. Prepare your child by discussing what Halloween is. Read a book, create a story, and practice role playing.
2. Help your child to find a costume that is not too scratchy, tight, slippery, or stiff depending on their needs. Simple costumes can work well. For example, a green shirt that the child is already comfortable with could be used for a turtle costume. Practice walking around the house with your child in the costume before the time for Trick or Treating.
3. Find Halloween activities that work best with your child. If you want to take your child Trick or Treating, find a quiet street and go while it is still light out. Practice going door to door inside of the home in advance, saying trick or treat, putting the treat in the bag and saying thank you. If needed, only go to familiar homes with your child. If the child is too overwhelmed with trick or treating having the child help pass candy out at the door can be just as fun.
4. If the child does not like the sensation from the inside of the pumpkin, have the child decorate the pumpkin with paint, markers, or stickers.
5. Have an area available where you can take your child to a quiet area if sensory overload occurs.

We hope everyone has a Happy Halloween!