Tip Tuesday! October is National Physical Therapy Month!

Physical therapy can get you moving again!

Physical therapy is a highly successful health treatment program that can reduce pain, enhance your healing process, and improve motion, strength and balance.  Physical therapy will treat pain that is occurring from your head to your toes and everything in-between. For example, if you are encountering hip pain that is restricting you from getting around, physical therapy will address your pain with injury-specific treatment that will get you up and moving again!

When you see a physical therapist for an injury such as hip pain, they will conduct a full evaluation of your condition and related concerns. This evaluation will involve questions as well as a movement test in order to address the root of your pain. At Paramount Rehabilitation Services, we not only treat your pain, but explain your condition and the reason behind your pain.  This way you will be able to relieve your discomfort as well as prevent it from happening in the future.

Paramount Rehabilitation Services has two licensed physical therapists and three physical therapist assistants who truly love what they do; getting people back to their life pain free. Our therapists take the time to discuss your condition, how it’s treated, the benefits of exercise, and how to protect your body during daily activities ranging from walking to acrobatics!

While most of the general public believes that keeping the body still and “protected” from additional strain and injury will help heal your pain, this is not the case. At Paramount Rehabilitation Services our therapists are well educated and experienced in treatment plans that will lead you through the appropriate recovery process.

At Paramount Rehabilitation Services, we take a comprehensive approach and evaluate all related issues to make sure we are helping you progress as quickly and effectively as possible. We believe that you should not be experiencing life with hip pain, or any other pain for that matter. We offer one-on-one care for a full hour, because your recovery is just as important as our time. Come see us at our convenient locations in Bay City, Saginaw and Standish.