Tip Tuesday!! We Offer Durable Medical Equipment

We offer a wide variety of therapy based medical equipment at our Bay City, Saginaw and Standish locations. This includes braces for hand, knee and ankle. We also offer crutches, walkers, TENS units, traction units and a wide variety of other durable medical equipment.


Send your patient to Paramount Rehabilitation for their medical equipment; we will take measurements to insure that your patient is being fitted with correct brace. Your patient will also have the peace of mind that they are being fitted for their equipment by one of our staff therapists.


  • In stock equipment provided within 24 hours
  • Equipment not in stock can be ordered and shipped to the home
  • We accept insurance, credit card, check, or cash for DME



Back and Spine                                                                   Electrical Stimulation

Hard Cervical Collar                                                                 TENS/IFC

Soft Cervical Collar                                                                   NMES/EMS

Lumbar Corset

Lumbar Belt                                                                            Foot   

Medial/Longitudinal Arch Support


Joint Jack                                                                                Knee and Ankle

PIP/DIP Finger Flexion Strap                                                Ankle Braces

Stax/Mallet Finger Splint                                                       Air Ankle Stir-Up

Comfort Cool Thumb Splint                                                   Knee Braces


Wrist/Elbow                                                                      Assisted Devices/Other

Wrist Cock-Up Splint                                                             Sock Aid

Resting Hand Splint                                                               Walkers

Tennis Elbow Strap                                                                 Canes


Cervical Traction