Saginaw Patient of the Month January 2019

Our Saginaw Patient of the Month is Corban Adams!

Corban was nominated by his speech therapist, Claire Girkin.

Corban attends speech therapy at Paramount to work on his receptive/expressive language, as well as his overall functional communication. This includes verbally expressing his wants/needs, following directions and increasing his utterance length.

Corban can now verbally express what he wants/needs, remains on task for therapeutic activities and engages in pretend play with the SLP.

Corban was nominated because he has been consistently attending speech with a good attitude, always completes what’s asked of him and has made such large gains in regards to his speech and language. Claire stated that Corban has come such a long way since she started with him in April 2018 and she is very proud of him!

Congratulations Corban! Keep up the good work!