Bay City Patient of the Month July 2019

Our Bay City Patient of the Month is Deonte Wesley!

Deonte was nominated by his occupational therapist, Lauren Matherne and his speech therapist, Darlene Matlock.

Deonte attended occupational therapy to work on fine motor, visual motor, sensory processing and self regulation skills. Deonte attended speech therapy to improve functional communication skills and increase ability to follow directions.

Deonte can now transition between preferred and non-preferred activities, participate in tabletop activities for 10-15 minutes with good attention and can complete motor imitation activities since attending occupational therapy. Since attending speech therapy, Deonte can now identify animals and vehicles, repeat words and phrases and match objects and pictures.

Deonte was nominated due to his improvement with tolerating transitions, following directions and his parents always on board with following through with home programs.

Congratulations Deonte! Keep up the good work.