Saginaw Patient of the Month – November 2019

Our Saginaw Patient of the Month is Ella Fess!

She was nominated by her physical therapist assistant, Robert Wright.

Ella was diagnosed with Torticollis and her mother chose Paramount due to us being “one of the few offices that offered pediatric therapy”.

She can now turn her head to the right more and has less neck tightness. She is also better at pushing up and can look up when on her stomach.

Ella’s therapist stated, “Ella is a sweet girl that hardly ever gets upset. Ella’s mother is very motivated and always asks questions to try and make her daughter better. Even Ella’s grandmothers have come to therapy so they can learn how to better take care of Ella”.

Ella’s mother said everyone at the office is very friendly and caring.

Congratulations Ella! Keep up the good work.