Tip Tuesday!! Did you know we have an office in Standish?

We offer Physical Therapy for all age groups and conditions.
We are the only local therapy clinic open Monday through Thursday until 7:00 pm and Fridays till 4:00.
We work very closely with all providers in the area to offer them comprehensive treatment of their patient’s condition and give them the most up to date information at any time.
We do one on one treatments with patients
We are here for all your pre and post surgical treatment of joint replacements, joint injuries and back surgeries.
We are a provider of therapy based durable medical equipment, including walkers, crutches, braces and splinting
We are the only local rehabilitation clinic to offer treatment of urinary incontinence, women’s health and pediatric neurological conditions.
We offer the AlterG treadmill to un-weight patient’s to 20% of their body weight. We use it for conditions such as low back pain, lower extremity injuries, neurological conditions and post surgical patients with restricted weight bearing.
We are located at 4489 M-61 Standish at the corner of M-61 and Deep River Rd, so you don’t have to travel to the big city for your therapy needs.
Call us today at 989-718-3171 to see all we offer Standish!