Saginaw Patient of the Month August 2019

Our Saginaw Patient of the Month is Susan Quinnan!

Sue was nominated by Robert Wright, PTA.

Sue attended physical therapy due to right foot pain. Sue said she didn’t like any of the other therapy places she went to. When she finally came to Paramount she loves seeing all of the therapists, now she won’t go anywhere else. Sue loves how everyone here is always so happy.

Since attending therapy, Sue can now walk better, has less pain and feels steadier on her feet.

Robert nominated Sue because she has been coming to Paramount on and off for a couple years now and always has a positive attitude. Sue is never late and even when she is tired shows up to her therapy. Sue understands how important the home exercises are to making herself better. Sue is one of the nicest people I have ever met. I enjoy working with Sue and am always glad to see her when she comes back to therapy.

Congratulations Sue! Keep up the good work.