Ashley Slater

Ashley loves everything about working in health care. “I like the diverse patient load. I get to see kids here, but I also get to see adults, neuro patients, vestibular patients, everyone.” Before starting at Paramount in 2016, Ashley worked as a Physical Therapy Assistant in a school setting. She continues to specialize in working with children. Ashley, who was born and raised in this area, is married with three children. She enjoys traveling with her family.

Manjusha Malewar

Manju serves as the Rehab Director for Paramount Rehabilitation Services. After graduating from India in 1990 as a Physical Therapist, Manjusha worked in an Outpatient Rehab Center and ICU burn units. Manjusha owned her own rehab center in India.
After arriving in this country in 1993 with her husband, Sunil, Manju worked in various settings including inpatient, outpatient, nursing homes, and home care agencies and school settings. Sunil and Manju opened Paramount Rehabilitation Services in Bay City in 1997.

Sunil Malewar

Sunil is the president and owner of Paramount Rehabilitation Services. He graduated from a university in India in 1981 and owned a private practice there. Before opening Paramount Rehabilitation Services in 1997, Sunil worked in a variety of physical therapy settings including home care, nursing homes, acute care, community mental health and schools. Through those experiences, Sunil worked with Occupational and Speech therapists. He saw first how the different branches of therapy worked together to help people. From there, Sunil decided he wanted to open a center that could provide a full range of therapy under one roof. Sunil still sees patients every day. He is married to Manjusha Malewar, a Physical Therapist and the Rehabilitation Director for Paramount. Together, they enjoy camping and traveling with family.